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This website is under construction until 1 January 2021

Fellow Ridgewood Residents,

My name is Dr. Michael Freres aka Chief the incoming Ridgewood HOA president and I humbly accept this honorable duty to serve our community. I would like to thank all the current board members for selecting me and I look forward to serving with all of you. I would like to thank the entire community for voting me on the Ridgewood HOA board at our last gathering and I will work hard to serve our community.

I believe in transparency so you will get updates from me regularly keeping you up-to-date of what the Ridgewood HOA board is doing for our community and how your much appreciated dues are being allocated to benefit our community.

Here are your current newly elected Ridgewood HOA board members & Liaisons:

President                     Dr. Michael Freres aka Chief

Vice President             Vacant

Secretary                     Michael R. Fergoda, J.D.

Treasurer                     Barry Gamblin

Board Member            Anu Fergoda

Board Member            Bruce VanderPool

Board Member            Dave Warren

CWPP Liaison            Mary Ann Todd & Betty McLain

Water Board Liaison   Ray Parry


Directory/Hospitality/Newsletter       Carol Warren & Teresa Hutcheson

Now that our Ridgewood HOA board is staffed let us get down to business and bring everyone up to speed on what business was conducted at our last official board meeting held on October 14, 2020.

  1. My first order of business as the incoming president was to put together an advisory Council of past Ridgewood HOA presidents and board members to attend our board meetings on a quarterly basis as our most valuable advisors.

Motion Approved

  1. Ridgewood entrance information board with an estimated two month turnaround time.

Motion Approved

  1. Dr. Freres aka Chief completed Webmaster training with Dr. Phil Irish and now ready to completely modernize our old Ridgewood website which will go live 1 January 2021:

New website address

Our new website will have the following upgrades:

  • Full e-commerce to sell Ridgewood t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and decals.
  • The new website will host ads to generate revenue, examples such as realtors, internet providers.
  • Pending the design the board approves of all the above listed items.
  • New website will have short video of all current board members introductions and backgrounds.
  • All historical files and documents will be transferred to new website we will lose nothing!
  • Wildfire link to report smoke and fire hazards.
  • Wildlife link to report wildlife activity.
  • Road condition alert link. This will help Roads department prioritize our needs.
  • HOA yearly dues will have three clickable icons bronze $25 silver $50 gold $75 pending the board’s approval.
  • Information signs will be posted at every mailbox collection point asking residents to go to our new website for all information flow 1 January 2021.
  • Each resident will have the ability to update the Ridgewood directory to keep it current as possible and only be able to update their personal data fields within the directory, this will require a password which will be issued to each resident when they sign on to the new website. All current board members will get an automated email when a new change is posted to the directory.
  • Our new Ridgewood website will clearly list the Ridgewood HOA board’s community projects and objectives for the current calendar year. In hopes of providing clear transparency of how yearly dues is allocated to improve our community. This in turn may improve our voluntary yearly dues revenues to further help our community.

Pending actions:

  1. Numerous complaints of littering within our community?
  2. Numerous complaints of dogs barking and pets running loose within our community?
  3. Bear proof trash cans within our community?
  4. Speeding on our dirt roads is killing our roads possible caution signs?
  5. Mailbox collection areas safety hazards need improvements.
  6. Carol Warren & Teresa Hutcheson are putting many hours into working on new hospitality welcome packets for new residents; Teresa Hutcheson is working extremely hard at our newsletter. These are very difficult set of tasks and if anyone would like to assist them please consider pitching in.


In closing our Ridgewood HOA is made up of Ridgewood community volunteers with one goal in mind “Make Our Ridgewood Community Better”


Michael J. Freres, PhD

Chief Warrant Officer, USA, Retired

Ph.D. Trident University International



Welcome to Ridgewood


This is the official website of the Ridgewood Homeowners' Association (HOA). Ridgewood is a FIREWISE community, the first in Teller County to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  We are located north of Woodland Park, Colorado, on State Highway 67, just north of Manitou Lake.


Our Community

The area was formerly the large Warren Ranch. Our community is surrounded by the Manitou Experimental Forest, a part of the Pike National Forest. 

Ridgewood is a covenanted neighborhood. See your real estate agent, who is responsible for providing you a copy of the covenants. There are 5 filings in Ridgewood, 1,2,3,4, & 6, each with a separate covenant document. (Map at "Our Info")


Want to know about current wildfires?Find out daily at this site: 


 Support Your Community: How to pay Membership Dues

The dues for the Ridgewood Homeowners' Association are currently $25 to $49 a year for Bronze level; $50 to $74 per year for Silver level and over $75 per year for Gold level per property.

(Note: as the Ridgewood HOA is an incorporated 501 (c) 3 non-profit, all donations are tax deductible.)

Membership runs from August 1st through July 31st. (Dues are NOT prorated.) Dues may be paid in person at the Spring Fling (late May or early June), at the Annual Meeting (late August or early September), anytime by mailing  a check made out to the Ridgewood Homeowners Association at 1880 Spruce Rd. WP, 80863,

Or you may use this online PayPal Donate button for the level at which you wish to donate.




For a suggested $25 donation, via the donate button below, your company or organization can become an official sponsor of Ridgewood.

(Note: as the Ridgewood HOA is an incorporated 501 (c) 3 non-profit, all donations are tax deductible.)

We will place your personalized advertisement on the left side of our website and our community will view it when they visit. To complete your advertisement application, please go to PAGES & LINKS at the top of this page and then select and complete the “Ridgewood Official Sponsor Agreement”.




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