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This is the official website of the Ridgewood Homeowners' Association (HOA). Ridgewood is a FIREWISE community, the first in Teller County to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  We are located north of Woodland Park, Colorado, on State Highway 67, just north of Manitou Lake.


Our Community

The area was formerly the large Warren Ranch. Our community is surrounded by the Manitou Experimental Forest, a part of the Pike National Forest. 

Ridgewood is a covenanted neighborhood. See your real estate agent, who is responsible for providing you a copy of the covenants. There are 5 filings in Ridgewood, 1,2,3,4, & 6, each with a separate covenant document. (Map at "Our Info")


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Ridgewood Homeowner Tip to CPW leads to poaching conviction of two Colorado Springs men Posted: Feb 18, 2018 


An anonymous tip by a Ridgewood resident to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers has led to the arrest and conviction of two Colorado Springs men for multiple crimes.

CPW received an anonymous tip from a witness in the Ridgewood subdivision, six miles north of Woodland Park. The witness described seeing bloody drag marks across his driveway and alerted CPW. According to CPW, responding officers located a pool of blood, tire tracks, and a bloody, cross-bow arrow near the residence. Upon further investigation, CPW officers located beer bottles, and a pack of cigarettes with a gas station receipt inside.

The receipt led officers to a Colorado Springs gas station where they observed the men's pickup truck on surveillance video. CPW said that during a search of nearby neighborhoods, officers were able to locate the unique pickup truck at a residence. After obtaining a warrant for the home, CPW officers located parts of the poached deer inside the garage and house.

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Approximately 80% of our residents use propane to heat their homes and fireplaces. Click on the following link to see current, average Colorado propane prices:

Colorado Propane Residential Price, Weekly   


The 2018 propane flyers have been received by our area's propane suppliers. To see this year's Rampart Range LPG offered discounts, go to Pages & Links and scroll down on the left side list to find the current offers.


 Support Your Community: How to pay Membership Dues

The dues for the Ridgewood Homeowners' Association are currently $25 to $49 a year for Bronze level; $50 to $74 per year for Silver level and over $75 per year for Gold level per property.

(Note: as the Ridgewood HOA is an incorporated 501 (c) 3 non-profit, all donations are tax deductible.)

Membership runs from August 1st through July 31st. (Dues are NOT prorated.) Dues may be paid in person at the Spring Fling (late May or early June), at the Annual Meeting (late August or early September), anytime by mailing  a check made out to the Ridgewood Homeowners Association at 1880 Spruce Rd. WP, 80863,

Or you may use this online PayPal Donate button for the level at which you wish to donate.




For a suggested $25 donation, via the donate button below, your company or organization can become an official sponsor of Ridgewood.

(Note: as the Ridgewood HOA is an incorporated 501 (c) 3 non-profit, all donations are tax deductible.)

We will place your personalized advertisement on the left side of our website and our community will view it when they visit. To complete your advertisement application, please go to PAGES & LINKS at the top of this page and then select and complete the “Ridgewood Official Sponsor Agreement”.




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Ridgewood Safety

Please Slow Down!


The posted speed limit in Ridgewood is

20 MPH

  • Children playing
  • Residents w/ pets
  • Wildlife crossing
  • ATVs at work
  • Road grading
  • Snow plows

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