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In 2002, after the Hayman fire filled the air with smoke and ash and forced mandatory evacuations from our homes, Ridgewood residents identified the need to address the risk of wildfire to our community. On August 3, 2006, seven Ridgewood residents met with representatives of the Teller County Fire District, the Manitou Experimental Forest and the Colorado State Forest service to consider developing a wildfire protection plan for Ridgewood.

Teller County has a CWPP which was authorized in May of 2004. In it, the Ridgewood sub-division, with its steep slopes and dense forests, was rated as a category III (the highest) for the risk of loss to property. We knew the neighborhood needed to be made aware of the urgency for action.

As a result of months of neighborhood meetings and much assistance from CUSP and federal and state forest agencies, our Ridgewood CWPP was officially authorized in July of 2008. Since we achieved many of our goals stated in the original CWPP, the plan was updated and approved in January of 2011. Through the efforts of the CWPP committee, Ridgewood was the first community in Teller County to be recognized as a “Firewise” community!

Our CWPP is a document that is intended only as a guide for Ridgewood property owners to continue to reduce fire risk, and to improve and maintain the health of our forests. We are grateful for your continued support of our fundraisers which enable us to help serve our community.


Ridgewood CWPP Evolution

2016 CWPP Plan

2011 CWPP Plan

2008 CWPP Plan part 1

2008 CWPP Plan part 2

2008 CWPP Plan part 3

2008 CWPP Plan part 4

2008 CWPP Plan part 5

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